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Achieving agility is a complex task that’s hard to reach, let alone sustain. The idea that you must constantly work on modelling your workforce becomes less daunting if you make it part of your everyday work.

In this session we explore the importance of:

Sachin Venkat

Solutions Engineer 

Being the newest addition to Nakisa Hanelly's Solution Engineering Team, Sachin brings with him a decade of experience and expertise in various HCM solutions. He is a subject matter expert in organization design, workforce modelling, DE&I, workforce analytics, and mergers & acquisitions. Sachin is quickly becoming a trusted advisor for Fortune 500 customers; he helps them with their transformation and re-design activities by empowering them with the right technology.


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Agile Organization Design 

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Learn how Nakisa Hanelly can help you keep pace with continuous business transformation. 

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4 simple ways to make it happen and turn it into a habit!

  • Building a trusted system
  • Embracing HR technology
  • Looking at employees through a skills lens 
  • Empowering teams