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Leveraging Lease Data for Business Sourcing 

Building a Holistic Model that Links Sourcing to Lease Accounting  

A Nakisa Webinar

Find out how you can thrive going forward with the identified changes from a lease accounting perspective

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By watching this webinar, you will:

Understand how the effect of the pandemic on economic and financial markets has impacted lease accounting

Delve into 5 critical lease management events 

Learn how to link sourcing to lease accounting functions

Franco Massaro

Technical Accounting Advisor, Nakisa 

Franco Massaro is a Nakisa subject matter expert on lease accounting and IFRS 16, ASC 842, and GASB 87 standards. He joined Nakisa in 2019 and has close to 10 years of experience in business, accounting, and finance. Prior to joining Nakisa, Franco worked for Canadian National Railway (CN) in corporate accounting. There, he was involved in multiple financial optimization projects, coupled with deep dive analyses of markets and financial performance, and technical advancements (including RPA, and AI) with respect to financial workflow. On a personal note, Franco states, “I have a passion for analysis, optimization and finance. Technological savviness is critical in an evolving and competitive world. Moving with technology, while leveraging individual experiences and knowledge, is the key to continued success.”


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Comparing bids is a complex process, which is why procurement teams require the ability to leverage lease sourcing technologies to make strategic cost-reducing decisions. A sustainable leasing strategy moving forward is building synergies between Operations, Financial Planning and Compliance.

In this webinar, Nakisa’s Franco Massaro will discuss the heightened importance of reviewing and optimizing lease sourcing in the current climate.

He will elaborate on how your strategy impacts the bottom line focusing on bid comparison, where technology can streamline the process, address challenges experienced during this complex process, as well as how to simplify for success.

Watch now to learn about leveraging lease data for business sourcing.

Gain a better understanding of how technology can optimize sourcing 

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Leasing Strategy in 2020 and Beyond