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Panel Discussion: Wednesday December 4th, 3:00pm CET Hosted by Financial Executives International (FEI)


Live under IFRS 16: The Good, The Bad and What Comes Next

Join us for a panel discussion to hear industry experts share valuable insight on their implementation of the lease accounting standard, lessons learned and best practices. 

Learn from real world examples and implementation experiences

Learn proven techniques used by world leading companies on how they tackled their lease accounting initiatives

Through an interactive panel discussion, these subject matter experts will share their knowledge from adopting IFRS 16, challenges experienced from across industries and implementation viewpoints (direct, partner and vendor) and share best practices for benefits beyond compliance and successfully navigating the first year-end audit process.

Join us for a panel discussion to hear industry experts share valuable insight on their successful implementation of the lease accounting standard and valuable best practice learns.


By attending this session, you will:

Connect with industry peers who are facing similar lease accounting challenges

Have your toughest questions answered by leaders in finance reporting and accounting

Gain insight into addressing known compliance challenges

Jay Tahtah

Partner, PwC

Jay Tahtah is a PwC partner leading the global IFRS 16 proposition. He advises clients on a variety of complex finance transformations across a range of industries. With the wave of accounting changes, he brings PwC's methodologies, technology solutions and capabilities to help clients in their end-to-end implementation of major IFRS changes including IFRS 16 Leases. He is also responsible for (academic) research publications on IFRS and is a frequent speaker at international financial reporting conferences.


Gain better understanding on the role of technology to streamline and manage your compliance needs

Join experts from Nestle, PwC, Bayer and Nakisa, as they discuss their experiences from achieving compliance with IFRS 16, including first successful Year-End audits and what to expect now.

Imran Mia

Head of Center of Excellence - Finance, Nakisa

Imran Mia, Head of Center of Excellence - Finance, Nakisa With over 16 years of experience in technical accounting, financial reporting and business transformation, Imran has helped develop best practices to enable organizations to plan, transition, and comply with financial regulations. He is a subject matter expert of the lease accounting standards and works extensively with world leading organizations to help ensure compliance. Imran has been closely involved in the development of Nakisa Lease Administration by advising and ensuring compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842. 

Andre Besson

Head of Financial Reporting Guidelines, Nestle

Andre has led the Financial Reporting Guidelines team at Nestlé’s Group headquarters for the past seven years. He joined the Nestlé Group in 1994 and was previously head of accounting and reporting in Nestlé USA, and head of finance for Nestlé in Trinidad & Tobago, his home country. As project sponsor for the group project to implement IFRS 16 Leases at Nestle, he brings specialist knowledge to the conversation.


Antoine Vallet

Global Process Owner Asset Management, Bayer

With close to 15 years of financial experience with Bayer alone, Antoine brings end-to-end knowledge on implementing standardized, harmonized and efficient accounting processes. Focussing in the area of Asset Management on a global level working across divisions and regions, he has valuable experience leading initial implementation for IFRS 16 compliance.

With panelists from: