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Amer Sports’ Journey to IFRS 16 Compliance: Adopting a Centralized Global Process in the Cloud

Amer Sports will share valuable insights about their IFRS 16 compliance journey. Watch now to learn from their challenges faced, lessons learned, and best practices. 

A Nakisa Webinar

Gain insights into best practices to streamline deployment from day 1

By watching this session, you will:

Discover the advantages of moving from a decentralized system to a single global solution with cloud technology

Discover how the scalability of a cloud-based solution can be a business benefit

Learn proven techniques to tackle lease accounting implementation and challenges

Franco Massaro

Technical Accounting Advisor, Nakisa


Daniel Marosi, Manager of IT Finance Solutions from Amer Sports, and Franco Massaro, Technical Accounting Advisor from Nakisa as they discuss going live under IFRS 16, the compliance process to date, and how to navigate deployment of a lease accounting solution in the cloud.

Over the course of the webinar, Daniel Marosi will walk us through Amer Sports’ journey to IFRS 16 compliance while managing a complex leasing portfolio and multi-currency contract challenges. He will also explain why deploying a cloud solution able to centralize the organization’s global lease accounting process was a requirement and the advantages Amer Sports has found.

Daniel Marosi

Manager of IT Finance Solutions, Amer Sports

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Daniel Marosi leads Amer Sports’ Global SAP Financials team. He has over 15 years of experience managing business and technology integration, IT consulting, and B2B IT sales. Daniel, who holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, began his SAP Finance path at Accenture in 2010, where he managed several full cycle SAP implementation projects in multiple countries. Daniel and his team were responsible for successfully implementing Amer Sports' global IFRS 16 lease accounting solution in 2018.

Franco Massaro is a Nakisa subject matter expert on lease accounting and IFRS 16, ASC 842, and GASB 87 standards. He joined Nakisa in 2019 and has close to 10 years of experience in business, accounting, and finance. Prior to joining Nakisa, Franco worked for Canadian National Railway in corporate accounting. There, he was involved in multiple financial optimization projects including ASC 842 roll-out, coupled with deep dive analyses of markets and financial performance. 

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