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Watch the panel to learn what the CEO’s top priorities and how to address them as an HR leader. You will get advice on tactics and strategies that worked for other companies. 

Babak Varjarvandi

Founder and CEO, Nakisa

Babak has over 30 years of management and IT experience, spearheading the design of Nakisa’s market leading organizational, talent and financial management solutions. Babak was behind the creation of the world’s first internet-based Org Chart solution. Now that solution has become, Nakisa Hanelly, the real-time, hassle-free org design and workforce analytics solution, allowing HR teams to keep pace with continuous business transformation. Babak has been innovating in the HR technology space for his entire career and continues to bring the future of HR to Nakisa Hanelly today.

Robert Nardi

COO, Nakisa

Robert spent over 25 years at Deloitte advising CEO’s from organizations of all sizes. He spent his career working with technology clients and brings over a decade of experience as the managing partner of Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) industry group, where he helped organizations navigate rapid growth, raise financing, support mergers and acquisitions and drive business strategy.


According to the chief of HR research at Gartner, 2022 will be another year of business transformation. Most CEOs have come to realize that without input from HR, they cannot predict the skills, knowledge and experience required to grow. 

HR leaders now need to provide their CEOs with the necessary data to make strategic decisions and plan for the future of their company, in the short- and long-term. HR leaders are more than ever a strategic asset to the CEOs to make predictions and plan strategically.

This panel session we cover CEOs top priorities in 2022 and how HR leaders can support their vision. We will discuss recommendations and insights on tactics and strategies that worked for other companies and explore how you and your HR team can leverage various HR technologies from AI and machine learning to predictive analysis and forecasting.

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Panel: Become your CEO's secret weapon and bring their vision for the company to life

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What are the top priorities for CEO's 2021-2022?  

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