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COVID-19: Coping with the New Normal 

Maintaining business continuity in a time of accelerated transformation and rapidly changing business requirements.  

Nakisa Webinar

Learn how to empower HR to reorganize the workforce as needed

Watch this webinar to learn how COVID-19 impacts HR and how to adapt to the new normal. 


By watching this webinar, you will:

Understand how to transition smoothly to a digital work environment

Understand the importance of collaboration, real-time discussion and working in the cloud

Discover the right technology to establish the new normal for your organization

Euclides J. Marin 

Director of Solutions Engineering – Nakisa Hanelly

Euclides J. Marin, Nakisa’s Director of Solutions Engineering, has over 25 years of experience in ERP technology and HCM management. Prior to joining Nakisa, EJ worked for SAP America and SAP SuccessFactors with key roles including Engineering Architect and LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) Regional Service Delivery Leader. In these roles, he led various customer experience improvement initiatives and service deliveries. Now at Nakisa, EJ is a subject matter expert on business transformation through organizational design and leads the Center of Excellence, Business Development and the Pre-Sales team to discover customers’ business challenges and create enterprise solutions.



The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting every aspect of our lives, from our health and safety to the way we work. Within a matter of days, organizations around the world have had to rethink their business practices as they adjust to the reality of this new normal. 

For Human Resources in particular, this period of rapid change poses extraordinary challenges. HR departments are tasked with managing a constantly changing organizational situation, while implementing business continuity plans that may or may not have been prepared for the current situation. 

Having the right technology in place to support business requirements, handle changing realities, and manage employee productivity and team cohesion has never been more critical. 

In our webinar, we will outline how to build an organizational structure robust enough to meet the business’s current needs and agile enough to adjust as those needs change. 

Watch this webinar to understand the way technology will drive your organization’s shifting reality while supporting both business productivity and human interaction.

Gain insight into adapting HR policies and practices for crisis management

Gain insight into adapting your organization in the short, medium, and long term 

Watch the webinar now