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Organizational Resilience: The Importance of Strategic HR

Analyze and visualize the current and changing situation within your organization to strategize for sustainability and long-term resilience. 

A Nakisa Webinar

Gain insight into the role of technology in helping organizations resilient, supporting both business productivity and human connection

Learn how to build organizational resilience and adapt to the changing realities with HR analytics.

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By watching this webinar, you will:

Understand the key phases of organizational resilience as a process; anticipation, coping, and adaptation, and the role of HR analytics for each phase

Learn how other companies have implemented business continuity planning utilizing technology to gain ongoing insights for adaptability in this changing reality

Learn how to strategically navigate throughout your ongoing business continuity planning to enable ongoing operations during, and post pandemic

Euclides J. Marin 

Director of Solutions Engineering – Nakisa Hanelly

Euclides J. Marin, Nakisa’s Director of Solutions Engineering, has over 25 years of experience in ERP technology and HCM management. Prior to joining Nakisa, EJ worked for SAP America and SAP SuccessFactors with key roles including Engineering Architect and LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) Regional Service Delivery Leader. In these roles, he led various customer experience improvement initiatives and service deliveries. Now at Nakisa, EJ is a subject matter expert on business transformation through organizational design and leads the Center of Excellence, Business Development and the Pre-Sales team to discover customers’ business challenges and create enterprise solutions.


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As many businesses are challenged with the impacts from the pandemic, Human Resources departments play a critical role in business continuity planning to respond to and recover to come out strong at the other side. HR analytics can strengthen the organizational planning and enhance resilience by measuring and tracking the health of the organization.

In this webinar, Nakisa’s subject matter experts outline how to navigate ongoing business continuity planning, utilize HR analytics to drive strategic organizational decisions and how to answer if, when and how back to work will function for your organization. 

Find out how to best manage and monitor the key processes to mitigate operational risks at your organization

Discover how to use HR data to drive strategic decision making and development of ongoing organizational strategy

Sherif Luka

Senior Solution Engineer – Nakisa Hanelly

Sherif Luka, Nakisa’s Senior Solution Engineer at Nakisa GmbH, has more than 15 years of experience specializing in HCM and organizational design. He has an extensive background working in the tech industry and in HR consulting, making him a subject matter expert in organizational design, restructuring, M&A, and divestitures. Sherif has led numerous projects with Fortune 500 companies to success. His deep understanding and hands-on experience have allowed Sherif to help businesses prepare for change and solve for business continuity and resilience.

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