It’s hard to predict what the post-pandemic future will hold, but one thing is certain: flexible work is here to stay. This guide will explore the strategies your HR Department can employ to ensure that any new work arrangements support your company’s long-term growth.

This guide brings experts and reports on:

Discover what HR leaders have planned for their hybrid workforce

Strategies for implementing hybrid work

Ensure that any new work arrangement supports your companies’ long-term growth.


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“Leaders must create structures that ensure people aren’t working around the clock, especially given that 69% of workers are feeling more burned out working at home” 

Karen Magia,

Author of Working From
Home: Making a New Normal
Work For You

"55% of US employees want to do their jobs remotely 3 days a week."


How HR’s employees are reacting to the hybrid workforce model approach

How the hybrid workforce model can help keep your organization agile for a sustainable future of workforce

What tools and strategies have helped those that have already gone hybrid

What employees are expecting for companies to accommodate throughout the hybrid work model