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HR Data Quality for Organizational Transformation 

Do you have accurate data to make the right HR decisions? The quality of the information you use is a requirement for organizational agility. 

A Nakisa Webinar

Learn best practices for both HR and IT departments

Learn how the quality of your data impacts your organizational agility. 

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By watching this webinar, you will:

Understand the importance of using real time data to adapt to rapidly changing realities

Discover why digital transformation is critical for organizational resilience

Find out how other companies maintain normalcy for their employees through technology

Euclides J. Marin

Head of Global Solutions Engineering – HCM

Euclides J. Marin, Nakisa’s Director of Solutions Engineering, has over 25 years of experience in ERP technology and HCM management. Prior to joining Nakisa, EJ worked for SAP America and SAP SuccessFactors with key roles including Engineering Architect and LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) Regional Service Delivery Leader. In these roles, he led various customer experience improvement initiatives and service deliveries. Now at Nakisa, EJ is a subject matter expert on business transformation through organizational design and leads the Center of Excellence, Business Development and the Pre-Sales team to discover customers’ business challenges and create enterprise solutions.


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We define organizational agility as the time an organization takes to come up with an idea, turn it into a project, put it into production, make it profitable, and generate ROI. Agility is a competitive advantage that allows organizations to make changes proactively, rather than reactively, based on accurate, real time data.

Over the last months, many of us have experienced drastic changes in our organizations, and HR data has played a critical role in guiding these organizational changes. HR and IT departments have never had to be more synchronized and aligned than today. For this reason, data, analytics, and organizational metrics have become more than just a “plus”. Organizational metrics are necessary for transformation, development, change, or simply for agility. Access to accurate, high-quality data is essential to make the right decisions based on the right information.

Our speakers share the latest trends and best practices for organizational transformation and analytics. They discuss the important role data quality plays for any organization. We outline how to bridge the coordination gap between HR and IT to improve the quality of information in your company, paving the way for any transformational process you or your organization may be planning, or may be currently undergoing. 

Discover the principles and applications of the Main Data Quality Framework

Ask any questions you may have about the impact of HR data and digital transformation

Luis Brea

Solutions Consultant

Luis Fernando Brea is a Systems analyst with a postgraduate degree in Telematics from UCAB in Venezuela. He initially worked as a Service Manager for Gartner and from there continued his professional career as an Account Manager in Information Technology and Telecommunications companies. In early 2008, Luis moved to Miami where he began working as an IT Project Manager. He obtained PM certifications in Scrum and Agility such as CSM, CSPO, and Scale Agile Leader. Today he is part of the human resources solutions engineering team at Nakisa. As a speaker and presenter specializing in HR and financial solutions, his experience has helped hundreds of our clients by offering timely and valuable advice to their organizations.

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Your organization’s agility depends on the accuracy of your HR data

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Sherif Luka

Senior Solution Engineer – Nakisa Hanelly

Sherif Luka, Nakisa’s Senior Solution Engineer at Nakisa GmbH, has more than 15 years of experience specializing in HCM and organizational design. He has an extensive background working in the tech industry and in HR consulting, making him a subject matter expert in organizational design, restructuring, M&A, and divestitures. Sherif has led numerous projects with Fortune 500 companies to success. His deep understanding and hands-on experience have allowed Sherif to help businesses prepare for change and solve for business continuity and resilience.