Leverage your HR data to meet your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals

Nakisa Hanelly provides DE&I analytics and data visualization to accurately assess and proactively manage your DE&I initiatives right out of the box. A strategic tool to measure how your workplace is progressing towards its diversity goals, the platform recommends direction on areas that require your attention to ensure you’re meeting growing regulatory requirements and have the tools to craft a more robust DE&I strategy.


Visualize the impact of your organization’s DE&I initiatives

Measure DE&I gaps with intuitive dashboards

Easily visualize your global diversity metrics through advanced analytics and reporting using Nakisa Hanelly’s DE&I dashboard, report data inconsistency such as orphaned or duplicated employees, and make data-driven decisions that encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Automate detection of definable DE&I categories

Use granular data visualization to reveal unconscious biases in hiring and management, identifying problem areas with just a few clicks. 

Comply with current regulatory requirements

Discover actionable insights to meet the growing number of international diversity, equity, and inclusion regulations, or benchmark against industry standards to understand the organizational changes you need to implement to compete.

Design your org structure to meet DE&I goals


Collaborate in real-time, securely share insights with stakeholders, and model “what if” scenarios to drive progress towards reaching DE&I goals.

Key features that support DE&I include:

Ready to track your DE&I objectives?

Dynamic filtering
Gender equality analysis
Diversity analysis overview
Diversity analysis timeline

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Get a clear view of your organization’s DE&I picture to support compliance, benchmark against your peers, and measure the impact of your initiatives.

By providing the latest technology to collect key D&I data, Nakisa Hanelly empowers business leaders to make conscious and considered choices to foster a thriving, more inclusive, and more diverse workforce. 

Foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce

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